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Homeopathic Assessment/Treatment

Homeopathic Assessment/Treatment

Homeopathy is a safe and effective drugless treatment for many conditions. Homeopathy will address:


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I hereby confirm that I have sought of my own free will to the Holistic health services of HUMESH KAPITAN. I fully realize that he is not a licensed medical doctor nor claims to be. I understand that the health services provided are for my own lifestyle guidance, nutritional health, education and or relaxation. Whatever council, care and/or treatments I receive are solely suggestions and are in no way prescribing, diagnosing or claiming to cure or treat specific illness. I take full responsibility for any part of his advice, and / or treatment I wish to participate in, from this day forward.


Humesh Dalpatram Kapitan,

H.D., N.D., PhD. (Honorary)

humesh Humesh was personally trained as a Homeopath by Dr. Norma Harman in Durban, South Africa. His training was intense and his charitable work exposed him to a vary large range of patients from many parts of South Africa. Dr. Harman handed her practice to Humesh Kapitan as he proved himself to be a deserving successor to this large practice.

In 1988, Medicina Alternativa conferred an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy for his dedication to Homeopathy in South Africa. His vast experience, as chairperson of Health Awareness Clinic in Durban, has kept him in touch with many patients in South Africa even after he immigrated to Canada in 2002. Under his leadership he grew the Health Awareness Clinic into Durban’s largest Homeopathic Practice.

Humesh is capable of treating many different disease conditions, including all ailments related to skin, Gastrointestinal problems, kidney and liver conditions. He has the real world experience in helping patients with emotional problems. He looks at the patient’s physical, mental & emotional state to heal the whole person rather then just help a single physical ailment.

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